This site if free and not-for-profit.

My Dr Bill focuses on the fees specialist doctors charge for surgical or medical procedures and maternity care.

The aim is to for patients to give de-identified information about their own out of pocket costs to help other patients choose wisely.

We provide advice about how to assess costs before you choose a specialist.

My Dr Bill does not cover costs for medical consultations (see SEEKMEDI)

Who we are

We are two doctors who recently retired from 45 years in the Australian health system. Our careers spanned working in public and private hospitals, private practice, health service management and government policy.

We were surprised and concerned when several members of our family were hit by substantial unexpected costs for maternity care and other medical procedures.

We came to realise how little information about cost is available to patients trying to navigate the system.

These out of pocket costs occurred despite our family having top level private health insurance. It made them upset and angry. They questioned the value of private health care. It is now clear that this is a common problem and is causing many people to reconsider their private health insurance.

Together we explored what would have been needed for them to understand in advance what those costs were likely to be and how they could have avoided high out of pocket expenses.

This website is the result of that research.

We aim to give consumers information to help them find the right specialist. We aim to provide questions to ask, and how to get answers before they select the doctor to undertake their care.

We believe that the Australian Health system is one of the best in the world but it is under threat at present from high out of pocket costs in the private sector.

This website aims to help ensure the Australian Health system remains strong and sustainable. This will require a strong public and private health sectors. The private system needs to remain affordable to those who choose to contribute to their own care.

Currently patients have little insight with which to navigate their way to the right solution for themselves or their family.

My Dr Bill aims to give patients guidance to ask the right questions about costs and about their choices for treatment.